We are extremely proud to be working with the following organizations and individuals who are helping to spread awareness of our beloved, beneficial botanical. 


NorCal Mixed Martial Arts

MMA in Northern California is growing on a daily basis. Don't miss a moment of the action. Check out NorCal's Website for fighter profiles, news, podcasts, videos, and more. 



Dru Clay

Dru Clay is a martial arts practitioner and enthusiast from Modesto, CA and a long-time kratom user. Dru has been involved in martial arts and sports since age 4 and has competed in karate, tae kwon do, and amateur boxing. Dru was born with scoliosis and suffered from severe pain growing up. He discovered kratom in 2011 while searching for a natural alternative to the dangerous pharmaceuticals that he needed to manage his pain and has been an advocate for kratom and health ever since. Dru now lives in Reno, NV where he trains others in both martial arts and in healthy living. It is through Dru that MitraSpec found it's way into the Mixed Martial Arts world when he introduced us to Brandon Bettencourt. We are forever grateful for all that Dru has done for us and for the kratom community as a whole.