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May - Custom Blend Contest - Win a Free Kilo! - Closed to new entries - Thank you!

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It’s contest time again! For the month of May we have one that should be a lot of fun. This one is going to be a two-part contest.

From Tuesday May 1st until Friday May 18th contestants will submit a custom blend and a name for that blend. Submit your entry in the form attached to this post.

Starting Saturday May 19th, we will begin selling a “Contest Sample Pack” that will contain one 10g (or 10 capsule) sample pack for each entry. Visitors to MitraSpec will be able buy sample packs and try each.

From Sunday May 27th to Thursday the 31st visitors to will be able to vote for their favorite blend. You will not need to purchase a sample to be able to vote. There is no purchase necessary for any part of this contest.

On Saturday June 2, we will announce a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner of the contest.

1st Place winner will receive a free kilo (or 500 capsules) of their winning blend

2nd Place winner will receive a free half kilo (or 250 capsules) of their blend

3rd Place winner will receive a free quarter kilo (or 100 capsules) of their blend

All three winning blends will be available for purchase in both capsules and powder from June through August.


Custom Blend Entries - Sample Packs Available

Happy Place

By: Duane

25% Yellow Thai

25% Super White Maeng Da

25% Red Borneo

25% Horned Leaf


The Red Army

By: Samuel

67% red maeng da

33% red borneo


Happy Go Lucky

By: Courtney

50% Yellow Thai

30% Horned Leaf

20% White Maeng Da


NB’s Blend

By; Nathan

50% Yellow Thai

50% White Maeng Da


The "Guess the Count" Contest Is Officially Over... Congratulations to Kevin B. who came closest to both count and weight with his guess of 500 capsules & 500 grams!

458 Capsules - 516 grams

458 Capsules - 516 grams

Thank you to all our contestants! As shown in the pictures below the correct capsule count was 485 and the correct weight was 516 grams. Unfortunately, we did not have a grand prize winner. In fact, most guesses who came close to the correct count were very low in guessing the weight. Many of the entries had a weight that was roughly half a gram per capsule (i.e. 350 capsules 175 grams). For most of the capsules on the market this would have been a correct ratio. However, as we mention pretty regularly, our capsules really are "jumbo" and contain 0.8 grams of powder each. Add in the weight of the empty capsule and our caps actually weigh about 1.035 grams each. For any of the "math geeks" like me out there, here is the actual breakdown:

(485 capsules x 0,8 grams) +  (0.235 grams x 485 empty capsules) + 14 grams for the empty bag and label

388 grams of kratom + 113.975 grams of capsules + 14 gram bag and label = 515.975 grams total weight