MitraSpec LLC - Ennis TX

MitraSpec LLC - Ennis TX

MitraSpec Supplements was founded in 2015. Our mission is to provide our customers with the very best buying experience possible. We strive to offer the highest quality products, an affordable cost, and unparalleled customer service before, during, and after the sale. Our mission is to serve awesome people with awesome products. 

New BotanicalBox

We've added two more revolutionary items to our store. The new BotanicalBox is  our automatically billed and shipped subscription plan. Setup the Weekly Plan one time and we'll rotate your choice of up to four strains in powder or capsules every week. Choose the Monthly Plan and we'll ship you one big box of up to 4 strains and up to 2,000 capsules or 2 kilos. If you have your kratom routine down to a science this can save you a lot of time. Best of all, you can modify or cancel your subscription at any time. 

A Few Updates...

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