MitraSpec LLC - Ennis TX

MitraSpec LLC - Ennis TX

MitraSpec Supplements was founded in 2015. Our mission is to provide our customers with the very best buying experience possible. We strive to offer the highest quality products, an affordable cost, and unparalleled customer service before, during, and after the sale. Our mission is to serve awesome people with awesome products. 

New MitraSpec Gold Tin & Teaspoon Sets Available Now!

Last year we ran a promotion that offered a free black MitraSpec Tin with a minimum purchase. The promotion was very successful and we received a lot of feedback from our customers that the tins were a great product. We also introduced our Limited Edition Platinum Blend Tins, another big hit. This year we’re bringing back this concept with a twist.

We’ve put together a great looking and convenient tin and teaspoon set that features a 3 inch, 2 ounce tin that holds 50+ grams of powder or 50 capsules and a small, durable, plastic measuring teaspoon that easily attaches to a key chain or fits right inside the tin.

Available now for $9.99 or for a limited time, free with purchase of $100 or more.

Save 20% this week!

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